HR & Lifestyle

The HR & Lifestyle Cluster, which aims to fulfil the professional and lifestyle demands of regional and domestic markets, comprise the following companies: Seacare Manpower Services Pte Ltd, Seacare i-ConnecZ Pte Ltd, and Seacare OKiKi p-Hub (S) Pte Ltd.

Seacare Manpower Services Pte Ltd is one of the biggest and most reputable suppliers of manpower in Singapore.


Incorporated since 13th October 1995, it started as a human resource agency for placement workers for both maritime and non-maritime personnel.

Its extensive network of local clientele includes Ministries, Organs of States, Statutory Boards, Private Companies, Schools (Government-aided and independent schools), as well as Tertiary Institutions.

“Our mission is to deliver quality HR services to clients while providing our employees with rewarding employment opportunities. We aim to be the highest quality provider to each industry/sector we service, through integrity, competence and execution.”

Seacare Manpower Services is also one of the appointed membership recruiters for the NTUC. It differentiates itself from its competitors by hiring and training the unemployed and retrenched professionals to drive the NTUC Link Card subscription.

Seacare i-ConnecZ Pte Ltd provides event management services and general trading and logistic support. The company also manages Club@52, an ideal place for both SOS/Seacare/SSC members and clubbers to hang out and chill out.



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